Press release 3.5.2019

Press Release 3.5.2019

For immediate release.

Smart mobility start-up companies, Kyyti Group Oy and Roboride Oy, have agreed on close cooperation.

The world has growing interest in Finnish transport expertise, and both companies are pioneers in their fields. Kyyti Group is a MaaS platform supplier (Mobility-as-a Service) specializing in enabling door-to-door travel chains combining multiple mobility modes. Roboride is an operator using electrical autonomous vehicles that handle the first and last mile.

The first collaboration between Kyyti Group and Roboride is at the University of Pune campus in India. Kyyti Group provides a platform to operate all the mobility services of the University, including buses, autonomous vehicles, rental bikes and possibly electric rickshaws.

“In practice, the service could mean that a student arrives at the main gate of the campus area using public transport services with the university’s own application. The trip from the gate to the door of the lecture hall would be carried out by Robo or rickshaw ordered in advance with the same application,” says Pekka Möttö, CEO of Kyyti Group.

“The optimal distance for a Robo service is 1-5 kilometers. The route is not based on a fixed line, it’s true autonomous on-demand transport service.” says Tatu Nieminen, Managing Director of Roboride Oy.

“Roboride doesn’t develop autonomous vehicles. Roboride help its customers to avoid capex providing transport service as a service.

”According to Pekka Möttö and Tatu Nieminen, other promising joint projects are already on-going.“

Finns have reputation as the world’s experts on mobility and our solutions are in demand around the world”

Kyyti Group Oy

Kyyti Group is dedicated to making everyday mobility more efficient, convenient, and environmentally sustainable. We ensure that people have every transport option available at their fingertips.

Kyyti Group offers the most advanced turnkey MaaS platform solution for public transit authorities, transport operators, and large enterprises. Deploy the Kyyti MaaS solution to build personalized mobility solutions in your region under your own brand.

In addition to the public transport route planner, Kyyti Group’s MaaS platform has already been connected to a variety of highly intuitive APIs for other services and is easy to integrate with other systems.

Kyyti Group has two Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) solutions for providers designed to fill the gap between single party taxis and fixed route buses.

The platform can simultaneously have different pricing structures and levels for different types of users such as the general public, government-aided riders, and employees of particular companies.

More information: 
Kyyti Group Oy | Pekka Möttö, CEO  |E-mail: | M: +358449742477 |

Roboride Oy

Headquartered in Tampere, Roboride is on 2017 established start-up company which operates autonomous vehicles. Roboride has developed it’s Robo transport service for a few years and at the moment there are trials ongoing in Finland, India and China. Roboride is pioneer in operating autonomous vehicles. Roboride doesn’t manufacture the vehicles, but acquires them from the manufacturer and delivers the transport solution as a service. At the moment, Roboride uses L7e category vehicles with 4-seat capacity, which are ideal in the short distances and low speeds.

More information: Roboride Oy | Tatu Nieminen, CEO | E-mail: tatu@ |  M: +358407219090 |

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